#TravelBloggerProblems: Top 10 Travel Blogging ‘Issues’

#travelbloggerproblems: that moment when travel bloggers have so many slightly minor issues that we secretly love. We all have those moments in life where we have some seriously hilarious ‘issues’… Oh no, do I have coffee or tea? Visit Pan Chai or Mac and Wild? Stay in London or go home for the weekend?


Well, travel bloggers have a whole set of these of their own: and they mainly involve being enabled by our other travel blogging friends!

1. Oooooh Angie’s just going to Japan… Maybe that should be my next trip…


Yup. This happens. You think you’ve just got a handle on your wanderlust and that you can’t really spend the next 5 years travelling round the world. And then you someone goes to somewhere incredible, and you can’t quite stop planning a trip that you’re not taking…

2. Eternal wanderlust and trip planning


You think you’ve visited Paris before (I mean, heck, I used to go every year, I know that place) and then you realise that there are 12808943 restaurants you’ve not been to, and whole host of undiscovered gems that you’ve got to go back and visit

3. Traveling the globe without leaving London

Tangalle, Sri Lanka

That crash-bang-whallop back down to earth feeling when you’ve been reading all about Abu Dhabi on Emma’s blog and you almost feel as though you’ve been there with her (Hello Mr London Kiwi!), only to look at your desk and surrounding paper work and realise that nope, you’re not in the Middle East enjoying some sunshine, you’re sitting in snowy London studying! Hmm… Traveling without leaving your bedroom might sound fun, but it’s sometimes a little more ‘real life’ that you had hoped for.

4. Instagram

This one ties hand in hand with #3. At Christmas, I was point blank convinced that I had visited Bruges with Jaime. All of her Instagram snaps were just magical, and the wanderlust just kept creeping in… The worst part of #travelbloggerproblems on this one is that it’s not just your friends, Instagram is an Alice in Wonderland-eque rabbit hole of the most perfect places on earth

5. Partners who just don’t understand

Langham Hotel London

Every time we stay somewhere Andy will either jump in front of my camera… Or jump on the bed… Before a photo has been taken. “But how could you? I was just about to Instagram that!

6. The big one: how dare you touch the bed/your food without me photographing it

Langham Hotel Afternoon Tea

It’s a foodie blogger or a travel blogger nightmare. Once that sheet has been crumpled, the suitcase opened or the macaron eaten – I can’t take a picture of it. I mean, if there isn’t photographic blog evidence, did it even happen? Didn’t think so.

7. Having 65 photos for one blog post

Hotel Adriana Hvar

If you’ve read my post on our staycation at The Langham you’ll realise that I have an answer to this one: just use all the photos! Deciding whether this snap or the bed is better, or this one that was taken at a very slightly different angle… It’s a tough world.

8. Travel blogger guilt

Hvar Croatia

That moment when you think, I just want to put the camera down or maybe even take a weekend away without the camera. Cue: blog guilt. That inexplicable feeling that even though this is your favourite hobby, that somehow you still have to document everything. And can never take a weekend off.

Oh yeah, and when you’re behind on posts? Then it’s the worst. 

9. Explaining your internet friends

Oka London

“Wait, but you met them on Twitter? Is that not a bit… Weird?” Nope. Not in the slightest. Okay, I see your point, it might sound strange from the outside. But I met all my blogging friends from Twitter, from reading their blogs and from interacting with them on social media.

We all get it, but I’m not sure all of our real life friends do…

10. Serious happiness at having a group of friends who understand you… And your addiction

Hvar Croatia, cocktail

Okay, so this really isn’t a problem. At all. But it is a serious and very real side effect of having a travel blog. You’ve surrounded yourselves with people who share one of your greatest passions and happiness’s: travel. Whether you’re looking for any recommendations (hello all of your Barcelona travel tips please!), some inspiration on where to book your next trip (hello, Italy, please!) or whether you just want to reminisce about somewhere you love, your travel blogging friends will have you covered.

Oh, and 11, remembering that April only has 30 days to make sure you’re in time for the Travel Bloggers’ Link up on the 1st May… Doh!


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  • My wanderlust wish list changes every week depending on which blogger is where…it’s a serious problem…

  • my blog guilt is strong at the moment…sorry for ignoring you blog but I am back now! totally understand 🙂

  • Number 9 – yes, I have conversations like that frequently! I didn’t put wanderlust as a problem – didn’t even think of it, but you are right – it is an expensive issue!

    • Hahah ALL the time!! It’s a seriously expensive one! The dangers of travel blogging…

  • Haha I love number 5 & 6! SO many boyfriend struggles with the Instagramming of food / drink / any pretty set up. Although he is kinnnnda getting used to me standing up and taking the perfect #flatlay in restaurants now heheh. Immy x


  • Aww this is so true! Making blogger friends is the best because they just get it!!

  • Yup. All of this.

  • Haha, sometimes my husband takes 600 photos for one post… that’s when I use photo grids 😀

  • Hilarious ‘issues’ is 100% on the money! Desk travel can certainly be the worst!

    • Hahah I felt so, Emma! Ohhh it can be a nightmare!

  • I like the way that you’ve put “issues” in inverted commas, Lauren. You’re right, we secretly love all these dilemmas 😉

    • Haha there are *much* worse issues to have! We do love them..!

  • ZOMG JOHN DOES THAT TOO!!! IT drives me CRAZY! He’ll stick a hand in front of the lens right as I’m about to photograph breakfast or a foot in front of the pool when I’m trying to take advantage of how deserted it is! What is it with them?!? And thank you so much for the shoutout! You are too sweet. I get the same sense of wanderlust when I look at your Instagram snaps! xoxo

    • IT IS SO FRUSTRATING!!! Every single time we go away, too! My pleasure – I really hope I can get to Bruges this winter – it looked amazing! XX

  • Guilty, guilty, GUILTY. You can charge with planning trips I won’t/can’t/will forget to take that are inspired by other bloggers, Pinterest, or Instagram! Information overload really brings out the wanderers in all of us. I have a folder full of ‘travel notes’ on my Mac listing detailed itineraries for ‘someday destinations’…it’s so bad! x

    Does My Travel Privilege Look Big In This? | Posh, Broke, & Bored

    • Hahah YES! Totally agree, lady! Hahah so do I – it’s amazing, not bad at all! X

  • Haha I was literally nodding with every one of these too! The 65 photos, the not-photographed-didn’t-happen… and most of all the awesome friends that are only a problem when they invoke severe wanderlust! 🙂

    • Haha amazing – glad to hear it isn’t just me! x

  • I love internet friends but I hate the constant wanderlust (and sometimes cold hard jealousy because I’m a little evil like that) they create – definitely a huge travelblogger problem!

  • Hahaha I love this post! Sometimes it’s so hard to choose out of the 2938572 photos for a post and I am just constantly planning trips I am thinking about going on – just can’t choose!


  • Hahaha this was bloody brilliant! so many of these felt on a daily basis, but also the reverse blogger problem of WHY DIDN’T I BRING MY CAMERA??? haha. Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

  • I think my hubby might stop travelling long haul with me for fear of always being snapped at when he tries to put his head on a pillow at the end of a 16 hour journey!!! 😀