Traveling Deliciousness: The Best Dishes from My Travels

One of my favourite part of traveling is trying so many different cuisines; from hoppers in Sri Lanka, to tagines in Marrakech to a good ol’ Croque Monsieur in France, every country, and even every city, has it’s own foodie traditions which are just waiting to be explored.

Trying to find the best restaurants is always a mix of reading different blogs, scouring guide books and generally asking Twitter.  So I was really impressed when I saw that Travel Bag have come up with an interactive map of Dubai allowing you to choose which cuisine you would like and how much you’re willing to spend.
It got me thinking, what are the best dishes I’ve had when I’ve been abroad? I’ve had more than my fair share, but I thought I’d share the ones that really have stood out for me.  It was going to be a top 5, but I’m afraid that I couldn’t whittle it down that much and it’s now a top 8!

8. Giant Prawn Linguine

Robinson, Hvar, Croatia
Giant, incredibly fresh prawns served in the most rustic little restaurant; you just knew these had been caught that day! It might have been simple, but it was exceptional.


7. Slow roasted pork with vegetable dauphinoise

Café Babylone, Rennes, France
By far the best dish I had in France, the slow roasted pork fell apart on the plate and was one of Café Babylone’s best dishes. I loved how inventive the vegetable dauphinoise was!

6. King Prawn Moroccan Kebabs

La Sultana, Marrakech, Morocco
These beauties, apart from being aesthetically exceptional, made an truly incredible dish. They were cooked right in front of us, and the fish itself was very high quality and bursting full of flavour. Delicious.

5.  BBQ spare ribs

Ron Gastrobar, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tender, fall apart meat bursting with flavour – I’d have this again any day of the week! A truly special and utterly delicious dish.

4. That surprise egg

Ron Gastrobar, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
A beautifully presented dish where the care that the chefs had taken was so obvious; it made such a special dessert that topped off an incredible meal.

3. Scallop ceviche

La Sultana, Marrakech, Morocco
I could eat scallops all day every day; when they’re prepared well they’re absolutely stunning. I loved the fresh scallop ceviche served with thick slices of parmesan and pesto at La Sultana.

2. Chocolate Fondant with oranges and ice cream

La Sultana, Marrakech, Morocco
The finest chocolate, the best ooze on a chocolate fondant that I’ve ever seen, and a light outer. I couldn’t fault this dish in any way, and it definitely deserves its position as the best dessert on this list.

1. Wagyu burger with potatas bravas, tarragon sorrel cream and beetroot crisps

Ron Gastrobar, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
It’s back to Amsterdam for the best dish from my travels; wagyu beef of the highest quality, potatas bravas with a kick, and thin, crispy beetroot crisps. An absolute treat that I wish I could have all over again!
I’ve had some amazing meals all over the world, and I hope that there are many, many more to come!
Where was the best dish you’ve ever found on your travels?

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