Walking in Parc du Thabor

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This has to be one of the most serene places I’ve ever been.

After being on campus for a few hours on Wednesday I decided it was time to enjoy some fresh air, especially since it had been such a gorgeous afternoon and I’d been stuck inside all day.

And if there’s a place to go for a walk, get lost in the scenery and take some time for yourself, it’s got to be Parc du Thabor.

I got to wander round all the bits of the garden, and see all the statues in the glorious afternoon sight. Pretty much any blogger’s or photographer’s dream!

These lampposts always remind me of Disneyland for some reason, I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something magical about them.

When it’s not so cold, trust me you’re fighting for these seats. It’s such a gorgeous place to have lunch, or a walk and a chat with a friend.

Down this very Alice in Wonderland-esque little path – I just wish I had seen a white rabbit!

I could have spent hours basking in the late afternoon sun, it was absolutely stunning. But I couldn’t resist a cheeky trip to visit the birds!

^^This one decided to fly in just as I whipped my camera out. Think he was protecting his little friends.

Fairly sure this was a mother’s confab of some sort! Only mummy birds could sit and stare in one direction for so long!

But I eventually pulled myself away from the birds, only to discover some ducks!

^^Someone was as hungry as I was!

I had no idea how many feathers ducks lose when they shake! But you can actually see them here, totally crazy.

Excuse the blur, but this little one has some amazing hair going on, I couldn’t not capture it.

Duck’s life doesn’t seem to bad, not with this view at least! I couldn’t resist the temptation of this view so trundled round to find it.

A quick wave bye bye to the duckies.

I thought I was going to stand here forever.

I was happily bundled up as it was a pretty chilly February afternoon in my faux fur gilet (makes any coat sooo much warmer) and my new scarf addiction: the oversized blanket scarf. I’m pretty much never seen without one of these now, whether I’m out at night or even just in lectures. They’re the best things ever. Here are some of my favs at the moment!

But I finally dragged myself away, and headed homeward!

If for any reason you’re even in Rennes, set aside a few hours to explore this place. It’s huge and will take you the best part of a few hours to get round it all. It really is stunning. Late afternoons tend to be filled with old people going for walks (usually with very cute dogs) so I’d recommend going then.

It’s days like this I remember how gorgeous Rennes actually is!

Lou Messugo

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  • Catherine Lux

    It looks really lovely! That bridge is too cute!

    C | Lux Life

  • steve.r hudson

    A fun filled post, thanks, some excellent photos too.

  • Phoebe Thomas

    I don't know Rennes at all but this park certainly looks lovely. The light in your photos is beautiful. Thanks for linking to #AllAboutFrance, I hope to see you back again next month!!

  • Ahhh if you get the chance it's a beautiful place to visit! I sure will be back!

    Lauren xx

  • European parks are the best! I've only been to Rennes to play a volleyball game, but hopefully will get to enjoy the city sometime soon! Beautiful photos, and totally get the awesomeness of lamp posts!

  • Thanks Christy! It's such a beautiful city, if you get a chance to visit, definitely do! xx

  • It's so gorgeous – I forget how nice it is util I take the time to actually appreciate it! Could have stood there forever Catherine! xx