Switching Off at Wriggly Tins

Sometimes there just isn’t the time to jet off half way around the world, but you still need to get away from it all. With that in mind, and with a need for a serious digital detox, Andy and I excitedly booked a weekend at Wriggly Tins in the South Downs. And honestly, it was the best weekend we’ve had in a longggg time.

From the moment you arrive in the South Downs you’re both taken care of and away from it all. With an easy to arrange taxi service to pick you up from the train station, and Alex, the very friendly owner ready to welcome you as soon as you arrive (no matter how dark it is!)

Wriggly Tins-68

We had booked our two night getaway in Beacon, a very cute Wriggly Tin in the middle of the field, that felt as homely as many of the top hotels I’ve stayed in. With the fire set and ready for you to light as soon as you arrive, and a quick lesson in fire building (if necessary!) and lamp lighting, you’re thrown straight into the complete Wriggly Tin experience.

Wriggly Tins-69

With no electricity, no internet, and very little phone signal, this is the ideal place to get away from whatever has been on your mind, boil your kettle on your outdoor stove, enjoy nature and just completely relax.

Wriggly Tins-67

I’m going to tell you all about our outdoor experiences in another post, but for now let me give you a tour of our little hideaway! Welcome to Beacon…

Wriggly Tins-64

Inside your tin, there’s everything you could possibly need for a weekend away. Including a mini wardrobe which was perfect to house my current favourite suitcase from House of Fraser.

Wriggly Tins-62

The hut is stocked with Falcon enamel ware, which is both the ideal outdoor/indoor crockery and one of my favourite picnic sets!

Wriggly Tins-61

It really is as stunning as it looks; it’s just you, whoever you’re with and the gorgeous surroundings.

Wriggly Tins-53

With each tin far enough away from the rest you really do feel as though you’re completely relaxing and in your own little, pretty world…

Wriggly Tins-54

It’s the perfect place to wake up and watch the sun stream in through the little windows…

Wriggly Tins-41

With a little firewood in your hut to get you started on your first night and a wood store very close by to get you through the rest of the weekend, our first priority was getting a little warmth in our lives! The tins heat up very quickly, but I’d recommend making sure you have enough firewood for the morning before you go to sleep!

Wriggly Tins-40

Wriggly Tins-44

With no electricity, there’s also no fridge or running water, but with a tap of fresh water very close by and an army cool box, you’re certainly sorted for the weekend.

Wriggly Tins-39

But back to the indoors… Pack your supplies wisely, as the nearest shop is a little walk away (aka pack all the champagne you need for the weekend!) Then sit back, pop the cork, and enjoy the company of whoever you’re with and the ability to totally and completely switch off from, well, everything…

Wriggly Tins-28

I’d forgotten what it was like to really turn my phones off, not check Instagram or Twitter and to really spend time with Andy again.

Oh yeah, and to make it all more special, Wriggly Tins come expertly equipped with marshmallows, ready for you to toast indoors or out!

Wriggly Tins-27

It’s a bit of a tradition that Andy and I play card games when we go away, and so when we realised that our tin came with a Cribbage board and a pack of cards, we knew exactly how to spend our aperatif hours!  Okay, so I got a little inventive when I couldn’t find anything else to mark our board with apart from my earings!

Wriggly Tins-26

I was expecting a simple, easy going weekend away, and it absolutely was, but I was amazed by how well everything had been put together, and that everything had been thought of.

Wriggly Tins-25

So light the fire, toast with champagne, and toast some marshmallows and just catch up ’cause you’re in for an amazing weekend.

Wriggly Tins-23

Wriggly Tins-22

Wriggly Tins-21

Luxury isn’t always about the marble bathroom or the most expensive hotel, but about a really unique experience. You’ll have the luxurious touches of the fluffiest white towels and beautiful white linen, but this is a very special experience.

Wriggly Tins-15

There are few better places to hang your city loving coats for a weekend of country fun!

Wriggly Tins-16

Wriggly Tins-14

Wriggly Tins-13

And if you have any issues, there isn’t a friendlier owner you could ask for, and someone more willing to help you find a good pub, light the best fire or seek out a great walking route.

Wriggly Tins-12

Beacon actually has space for some little ones at the top if you want to bring some little campers along too – or you can do as I did and leave all your luggage up there…!

Wriggly Tins-11

Wriggly Tins-1

Luxury is an entirely special experience, something you’ll never forget, and somewhere that you make memories you’ll always treasure. I’m already planning to make our little Wriggly Tin experience an annual event for us to take some time, get away from everything, turn our phones off and truly relax. ‘Cause in the end of the day, isn’t that what a luxury holiday is all about?

Wriggly Tin
15 Beckless Cottages
Brook Lane

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  • This looks wonderful, and a brave option for winter. Love the little details and how this really seems like a perfect spot for a digital detox!

    • It wasn’t that cold actually! It really was a perfect digital detox x

  • This is so so cute! I love the vintage styling of the ‘tin’, such a unique and special experience.

    • It really was so special! I loved how different it was, and yet how much effort has been put into making it lux at the same time

  • Holly

    I’ve had my eye on Wriggly Tin for a while now but this post has made me want to go even more 🙂 Lovely post!!

    Holly x

  • It sounds so lovely! I’m very keen to get a couple of good staycations in the diary for next year!

  • TravelWithNanoB

    What a lovely place for a staycation. It’s amazing that you don’t compromise on the comfort, yet everything is rustic and simple.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Nano – that was my favourite part!

  • So cute and charming Lauren! x

  • I love these kinds of holidays! I’ve seen a couple of places near us in Devon that have these cute little huts to stay in and I’m always so tempted! Can’t say that I’d be able to leave the enamelware behind when I left though.. xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • OMG it’s so freaking cute!!! And what incredible weather you had for it! I would LOVE to do something like this when I’m back! Love AP xo

    Andrea’s Passions

  • Yes, this sounds perfect! A digital detox is necessary every once in a while.. I know I need one 😉 And the Wriggly Tin looks so cute!

  • Georgina

    What a fun night this looks like – I’m not sure for I’d survive with no electricity though ahah


    • I actually really appreciated being able to completely switch off for a while!

  • Haha I agree! Me too – they’re the best 😉

  • I am loving all your photos from this little break Lauren. It looks absolutely adorable!

  • Eeek this looks SO adorable! Such a cute idea and looks like you had a lovely time!

    C x | Lux Life – Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Blog