It’s a Dog’s Life

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Hello friends, it’s Mr Sandy here again! Lauren decided my days are just so exciting, and that I’m pretty cute too, so that we just had to share some of my stories with you!
I’m sure we’ve met before, whether it was Lauren or Dad who introduced you to me, but in case we haven’t met, I’m just about the cutest JRT (that’s a Jack Russell Terrier) there is.

I’m a rescue dog, which means I didn’t have the easiest start in life, but when Mum, Dad and  Lauren came to get me it got a lot better. That is until Lauren puts that funny clicking thing in front of my face when I’m sleeping! 

So I end up being quite aloof, I mean I wouldn’t want people to think I was posing for the camera would I?! Well, exactly.

So I make her make up for it by taking me upstairs (naughty Lauren!) and allowing me to cuddle in her bed. I’ve take to sleeping right beside her for the most warmth; humans really do make good pets!

I like a good snooze, even when it isn’t in a human bed. Mum’s made sure that my bed is as close to the radiator as it can possibly be, it’s wonderful.

Please excuse my rabbit, I was just having a cuddle when Lauren interrupted me.. Again.

I mean, all this sleeping, barking at the postman, the delivery man, my friends the Lhasa Apso’s and my not-so friend the Labradoodle is tiring work for a dog.

Since we’ve moved there’s been so many new people in the house that it’s tough work for a guard dog.

Mum and Lauren really like cooking and baking, but they just don’t understand how noisy it is for a little dog! Especially when they’re using the Kitchen Aid, boy, I feel like that thing might take off one of these days. And I don’t like flying things. Oh no. Especially birds, they’re there to be chased!

Can I help you, Lauren?

After a long day of wuffing and bird chasing it’s usually time for a lie down in front of fire where I can warm my tail nicely.

…until I get annoyed again. I mean, I know I’m cute and all, but seriously Lauren, a boy has to get some rest. There’s enough of me to go around!

The family all like this special sort of liquid, so much so that they have a sign up about it! I can’t read (duh) but people always laugh when they see this. I do so wish they would share some fun juice with me one day, but they say it’s not for dogs. Hmph. Think I need to protect them from this juice.

Okay, so apparently I look “adorable” with glasses. Here’s what I think…

That’s better.

When it’s sunny (I don’t like the rain) you can find me out in the garden! There are so many sniffs to be smelt and birds to be chased. You know, Dad’s actually started feeding them? I can’t decide if it’s awful that he’s bringing them into the garden, or brilliant as I get to chase more!

But I’m afraid that’s all I have time for today friends, as you can tell I’m a super busy dog!

But I’ll  leave you with another snap of me looking particularly great.

Until next time friends!
Sandy Paws

P.S. if anyone would like to send me some treats or some goodies they’re my favourites, just speak to Lauren and I’ll make sure she passes them on!

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  • steve.r hudson

    hehe, he's a funny wee fellow, always looking for trouble, and he usually finds it.

  • that's very true! He's cute though so we forgive him! xx

  • He is so cute!! My pouch doesn't like the rain either!! Katie x

  • He's a real sweetie! Owwww they really don't! What breed is yours? xx

  • A little Maltese terrier. He's super cute and gets annoyed by me and my sister a lot ha! X

  • D'awwwwwww sounds so cutee!! xx