Country Walks and Cosy Fires at Bedruthan Hotel


Every trip to Cornwall that Andy and I take involves long walks on the beach, with coats on, cosied up with scarves  until you can't fit anymore on - 'cause we have a habit of visiting lovely Cornwall in Winter - and so our stay at Bedruthan Hotel and Spa was no different. Oh, and did I mention there's always champagne when we get back? How could I forget the best bit..! ... read more

Luxury Seaside Dining at Fifteen, Cornwall


Though we went to Cornwall to relax, switch off and just do as we pleased for a weekend, there were a few things I insisted on doing... One of them was booking lunch at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Cornwall just outside Newquay. ... read more

A Romantic Stay At The Scarlet: Part 2

The Scarlet-60

After arriving back at The Scarlet after our lunch at Fifteen Cornwall, the welcoming staff offered to give us a tour of the hotel and show us just what we could enjoy. But first there was the small matter of appreciating that view... ... read more

A Cornish Dream Come True at The Scarlet

The Scarlet-84

There are some moments and some hotels that are so perfect that you'd actually have to try to forget them... Our stay at The Scarlet, Cornwall, was just that: a perfect romantic retreat. But let's take a step back and start at the beginning. ... read more

Top Ten Luxury Hotels of 2016

Top Ten Luxury Hotels of 2016

I've always said that luxury travel is about the experience, it's not about the flashiest hotel or the most expensive restaurant. As I said in my roundup, 2016 has been full of incredible travel experiences in some wonderful hotels. And so, here they all are, laid down in a list: the top ten luxury hotels of 2016 based on the best experiences I've had this year. ... read more



As I write this I can hardly believe that it's nearly New Year's Eve already. But that's generally how it goes, isn't it? ... read more

Return to A Festive Four Seasons London’s Winter Garden

FS Winter Terrace-30

If you ask me, there's never too many Christmas celebrations... Even now that it's over I'll be soaking up every little bit of festivity until it's all been taken down. As part of that, we nipped into Four Seasons London's Hennessey's Winter Garden for a few festive warmers... ... read more

A Christmas Date at Hyatt Churchill


I'm not sure about you, but I need a festive bar or two to really start to feel festive! With that it mind, and since I hadn't even started to feel remotely Christmas-y, Andy and I arranged a festive date at The Churchill Bar and Terrace at Hyatt Regency, The Churchill to get into the festive spirit.  ... read more

Take Your Date on a Mini-Break with and Stylist

The Scarlet-10

There's something so exciting about going on a mini-break with your other half. You have all the fun of planning the trip, finding out those little extra details about the other person that you never knew, and then exploring a beautiful city, area or country together. It's for that reason that I've paired up with and Stylist  to highlight just why you should book a mini-break with your date next year. You can find the whole article here, but for those of you who want a spoiler... ... read more