A Stay in the Stars at Grand Hotel du Palais Royal Paris

There’s a feeling that I get when I walk into beautiful hotels; it’s almost like being in a dream. Everything around you is beautiful, and it’s just a sense of happiness and being happy right then and there. And that’s exactly how I felt when we first walked into Grand Hotel du Palais Royal Paris

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-91

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-89

Having checked out of Hotel de La Trémoille, our next night was at the stunning 5* Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, located in the beautiful 1st arrondisement, very near La Louvre. Situated in an old 18th century building, you could imagine it as being a very traditional hotel from the outside, but as soon as you walk into the lobby you’re greeted with stunning modern décor.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-85

Pierre-Yves Rochon, the luxury interior designer, has created the perfect blend of Parisian chic, luxury style and modern comforts in this stunning SLH Hotel.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-5

But back to that dream-like feeling I was telling you about… Not only did it hit me because the hotel is so special, but we had a very nice surprise! We’d been upgraded to the Suite Panoramique, a breathtaking room which has a private lift, terrace and stunning bathroom. I’ve rarely been so excited to show you round a hotel room!

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-6

As we opened our lift door my foodie nose drew me to the macarons and madelines which had been left for us in the dining room, along with fresh juice and beautiful flowers.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-7

The suite is filled with the most incredible scent, so perfect in fact that when we checked out we couldn’t leave without buying a couple of candles to take home!

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-13

I loved the neutral colour scheme, which gave the suite a very relaxed, warm and homely vibe. The king size bed is the focal point of the bedroom, but there’s still plenty of space for wardrobes, marble topped chests of drawers and storage a plenty…

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-15

I was clearly destined to stay here as even my luggage matched the rest of the room!

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-21

I’m a bit of a pillow addict, and have even been known to sleep with three pillows, so I was very grateful that Grand Hotel du Palais Royal Paris had pre-empted my addiction and provided us with extra pillows, cased in luxurious linen.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-22

Since we were visiting in August we were lucky enough to experience Paris in the sun and I loved being able to enjoy the light and warmth in such an open, bright space. With mirrors, white walls and linen to reflect the beautiful sunlight that comes in from the terrace we could enjoy every last drop of sun from the comfort of our hotel.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-23

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-84

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-81

The Panoramic Suite is open plan and has enough rooms to allow you to enjoy that beautiful light no matter what time of day it is! Step out of the private lift, with your dining room to your left…

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-24

…and your own Nespresso machine, complete with bespoke Grand Hotel du Palais Royal coffee capsules.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-27

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-25

And a desk at which I was perfectly happy to sit and blog, though I imagine if you were on a business trip it would have been as equally pleasant to work here.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-33

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-34

I loved the modern chandelier in this room; a reminder of the modern luxury that was present throughout the hotel.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-46

Through the bedroom (okay, I’m jumping around a little but this I can’t wait to share!) is the most stunning marble bathroom. With enough space for his and hers sinks, a glass fronted shower and a separate bath, it’s hard to explain just how much I loved this room.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-82

In fact, I don’t think any stay in this suite is complete without at least a couple of long soaks whilst staring at the Parisian rooftops!

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-20

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-19 Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-18

Full of as many towels as you could ever require (even if you’re staying in this room as a family of four), luxurious toiletries and, honestly, the best bath view I’ve had in Europe.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-16

And now, this is the really special part… That terrace!

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-35

The terrace is along the length of the suite, meaning that you have a complete 180 degree view of Paris. From the rooftops of La Louvre, to the Eiffel Tower and even Sacre Coeur in the distance, I’ve never had such a perfect view of my favourite city – and certainly not with sunloungers to enjoy that view!

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-36

August in Paris is a sleepy affair, which meant that the hotel restaurant Le Lulli was closed, as were many of the surrounding shops and restaurants. Le Lulli is run by  Head Chef Clément Le Norcy who has been trained by Michelin stared chefs.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-37

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-38

Bearing in mind that it was so sleepy, especially so it was a Sunday, mum and I decided to relax in our stunning surroundings and really enjoy the terrace. For me, that meant a little sunbathing and reading (and blogging!) and for mum, it was just enjoying some peace and quiet and being back in her favourite city.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-39

The last room in this magical suite is the sitting room; an L shaped sofa, surrounding the coffee table (where I had brought our macarons – the madelines were long gone!) and a TV where I watched an old school friend win an Olympic gold medal.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-41

Again, the mirrors reflected that beautiful Parisian light and let it bounce all around.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-42

The last little secret of this room really is little. You’re immediately drawn to the floor length sliding doors to take you to the terrace, but don’t rush past the little window ’cause that’s where you’re going to want to be to see the beauty that is the Eiffel Tower.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-44

As well as a celebrated restaurant, Grand Hotel du Palais Royal is home to a Carita spa. I love the idea of the cabin which is big enough for two people; the perfect romantic hideaway on your Parisian escape.
Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-45

Feeling as though we needed to make the most of the hotel, we headed down to the bar for a crisp glass of rosé.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-51

With a marble counter and grey suede fabrics this was the perfect bar for a pre dinner drink. Though perhaps more suited to winter as we were already missing that glorious sunlight.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-52

On our way back up to the suite to get ready for dinner, we noticed the tastefully decorated social spaces…

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-53

…and this incredible Hermes-esque trunk. I think it’s just about large enough for my holiday wardrobe, don’t you think?

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-86

As we were freshening up for dinner, we suddenly realised that the restaurant we wanted to visit was closed, and we weren’t in the mood to find somewhere else.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-54

It sounded like the perfect excuse for dinner al fresco on the terrace!

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-57

Mum opted for the truffle risotto, made with Maison de la Truffe truggles and served with generous shavings of parmesan. The dark flavours of the truffle and the soft, creamy risotto made an incredible dish, and one of the real foodie highlights of our trip.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-58

Again opting for a comfort food, I ordered the salmon pasta gratin, which was served with the most perfect crisp top. Underneath that crisp was a delicious, creamy pasta, which was exactly what I wanted.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-60

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-61 Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-63

And on that evening…. I couldn’t have been happier. Paris, time with mum and the most amazing suite, what more is there to want?

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-64

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-1

And then, I caught a glimpse of a real Parisian gem. The beautiful lady herself all glittery and shiny….

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-68

I woke the next morning to mum gently waking me up as breakfast had arrived. Holidays need at least one day with brekkie in the  room and as we hadn’t indulged the day before, we definitely did that Monday.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-80

Still warm pastries…. Fresh orange juice…

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-76

…and hands down the best fruit salad I’ve had in a long time made for one very happy set of ladies!

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-77

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-75

After breakfast I had just one more soak in the bath with a Nespresso coffee…

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-70

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-71

…before sadly it was time to check out. I don’t think it’s a surprise to say that we didn’t want to leave, but we certainly know where home-suite-home is in Paris for our next trip!
Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-90

An area of Paris we hadn’t stayed in before, and yet another incredible SLH Hotel that I want to go back to, our stay at the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal was a highlight not only of my trip, but of my year so far.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-92

…and one that I hope to repeat!

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Our stay was complimentary, but I really did fall in love with this hotel!

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  • I loved that room so much! The neutral colour palette is so calming and relaxing and the terrace is just on another level! Photos so on point lovely, I love the breakfast snaps!

    • Me too, it was so so beautiful! Agreed – the terrace is something else. Thank you so much – I was really pleased with my pics!

  • What a beautiful suite!!! As Angie said, I love the creams and whites + THAT marble bathroom … the stuff of dreams! xo

    • It was incredible, Jaime! Your inner interior guru would be *so* satisfied!

  • It looks gorgeous Lauren! That bath looks amazing and also agree that Paris is just a great place for mum and daughter time – it’s so quaint and pretty and charming, much like your hotel! My mum would love it. xx

    • Thanks, Reena! It’s such a beautiful suite – I absolutely loved spending time in it!

  • That is such a beaut hotel room. Agreed on the bathroom, so clean and inviting, and waaa the terrace!!! Can imagine dinner there was beaut 🙂 Lots of love, AP xo

    Andrea’s Passions

  • Its worth booking a trip over to Paris just for that bathroom…