Literary Nights at Pavillon des Lettres

I’ve always loved a small hotel that has enough character to fill even the grandest and biggest of hotels. There’s something about the charm of a hotel like this that feels so special and inviting. Le Pavillon des Lettres is exactly like that. With just 26 rooms, each named after a letter and and an author instead of a number, this hotel has enough personality for any Parisian trip.

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Small Luxury Hotels of The World certainly know how to pick their hotels, and Le Pavillon des Lettres is no exception. Right from the moment your taxi pulls up to the hotel, you can sense the peace, quiet and understated luxury of Le Pavillon des Lettres.

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The quirks, too, start right from the front door, with hotel bikes available for hire for you to explore Paris on two wheels.

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As soon as we checked in we were taken to our room, J (for Henry James – fitting for the two British guests!) where we were met with a warm, inviting room.

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In each room there is a copy of a novel written by the namesake of the room; a touch which I loved. For me, it’s the little things that set hotels apart, and not just the amenities or the complimentary drinks. Pavillon des Lettres hasn’t just become a literary hotel, if not the literary hotel in Paris, but it lives it through all these little details.

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Above each of the 26 headboards in the hotel are words from the author, inscribed into the fabric covered walls are some of the author’s words.

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The perfect reminder for a book lover like me that you’re living the literary dream when you’re staying at Pavillon des Lettres.

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Our Deluxe Room, though somewhat smaller than our room at Hotel de la Trémoille and our suite at Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, was spacious enough for the two of us, and still had room for a little writing desk. I could just picture writers, past, present and future, sitting at this desk penning their novels, being inspired by the literary touches around them.

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The hotel, designed by Didier Benderli, combines different colours and materials to try and recreate an interpretation of the pleasure of reading.

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The hotel itself is very modern and has all the touches you would expect a modern luxury hotel to have, but avoids the clinical, empty feeling that some modern hotels have. In fact, coming back to Pavillon des Lettres in the evening was much like coming home to a good book… Enjoyable, relaxing, and just what you wanted.

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If you’ve been on my Instagram recently, you’ll have already seen this gorgeous chocolate. ‘Cause there’s coming home to a chocolate on your pillow and then there’s coming home to a bespoke chocolate on your pillow!

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Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Molton Brown toiletries, so I was very glad to see them in the slate inspired bathroom. So much so that I couldn’t resist a quick bath when we arrived… And before I had been able to take photos!

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In Paris, space can sometimes come at expense of the bathroom, but not at Pavillon des Lettres. I loved having a large bath and shower to come home to in the evening.

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Virtually ceiling to floor windows meant that the bathroom was as bright as the day outside, and a glass wall between the bathroom and bedroom meant that the room was just as sun-drenched. The only thing I didn’t like about the bathroom was the plastic curtain behind the glass wall; I thought a curtain would have felt much more luxurious.

Pavillon des Lettres-75

Although I adored the Hugo James quote on the wall, to remind you of the literary history of the hotel.

Pavillon des Lettres-14

Pavillon des Lettres-28

I’ve always had a fascination with ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs in hotels. In fact, as a child I remember wanting to collect them… Well, it’s a fascination that’s still with me, which is probably why I loved the playful ‘Stop’ and ‘Go’ signs here.

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Pavillon des Lettres-64

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Of course, being a Small Luxury Hotel of the World, there was the customary brochure to fill my endless wanderlust before bed…

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Downstairs in the lounge area, the literary theme is ever present. With books lining the walls, you couldn’t forget where you are. And not just any books, beautiful Penguin classics, waiting for you to borrow them, and sit with a glass of wine enjoying them.

Pavillon des Lettres-32

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Being quite a small hotel, the bar isn’t quite as you might expect…

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But in fact, this was one of my favorite parts of the hotel. Pavillon des Lettres has an honesty bar, allowing guests to drink what they like, note it down and pay for it as part of their room.

Pavillon des Lettres-37

And also, the hotel offers guests a tapas hour to accompany their drinks. Think cheeses, meats, olives and fresh French bread ’till your heart’s content… Or your dinner reservation is calling!

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The bar or lounge area is beautifully decorated in soft, neutral tones which I adored.

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It happened that we finished a bottle in the honesty bar, but the staff were more than happy to fetch another one, open it and pour it for us.

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Since it was August, the hotel was fairly quiet, but I can imagine it being quite busy when the hotel is full. I can imagine no better place to curl up in front of the fire in mid-Winter with a crisp glass of wine before heading out for dinner.

Pavillon des Lettres-46

Or, if the weather is good enough take your drinks onto the outdoor terrace to enjoy the evening sunshine.

Pavillon des Lettres-68

Pavillon des Lettres-47

Pavillon des Lettres-48

Since we had had quite a treat that afternoon (more on that to come!) we only wanted something simple for dinner and so ordered some foie gras…

Pavillon des Lettres-50

…and a chocolate fondant to share! Okay, it’s indulgent, but that’s what you do on holidays isn’t it?

Pavillon des Lettres-18

Pavillon des Lettres-17

Breakfast at Pavillon des Lettres is a similarly casual affair. Pastries, cooked breakfast and cold meats and coffee brought to your table…

Pavillon des Lettres-51

Pavillon des Lettres-53

Or if you’re being good, cereal until your heart is content.

Pavillon des Lettres-54

Pavillon des Lettres-55

With Parisian sunlight streaming in through the windows, it’s a perfect place to enjoy a relaxed breakfast before exploring the streets of Paris.

Pavillon des Lettres-56

Pavillon des Lettres-57

Pavillon des Lettres-58

Pavillon des Lettres-59

Pavillon des Lettres-13

If, like me, you never seen to have an umbrella when the rain hits, Pavillon des Lettres have pre-empted you with their “Where is my umbrella?” stand!

Pavillon des Lettres-66

Located in a perfectly central location just off Rue du Fauburg St-Honoré, Pavillon des Lettres also has an incredible address, meaning that you can wander out of the hotel and to some of the most beautiful parts of Paris.

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A hotel for all seasons, and for friends, lovers and Parisian addicts, Pavillon des Lettres is a home away from home in Paris.

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Pavillon des Lettres-69

And a really beautiful one at that!

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Certainly perfect if you’re as much of a literary geek as I am!

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We were guests of Le Pavillon des Lettres

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  • I absolutely love the look of this place and the literary theme!

  • TravelWithNanoB

    Love how cozy the place is. And what a nice touch of naming each room after a letter and an author, placing details like a corresponding book!

  • The slow pace

    What a nice hotel! I love boutique hotels, even more if they offer something different.

  • It’s so pretty, Lauren! And naturally, working in publishing, I loved all the books. 🙂 I’ll have to add this to my list of go-to Paris hotels.

  • steve.r hudson

    Excellent post, good reading and informative; photography is ace.