New York Meets Paris at Renoma Cafe Gallery, Paris

There’s one major advantage to always staying in the same area of Paris… You always know the restaurants that you want to go back to! When mum and I are in Paris, staying in the 8th arrondissement, usually the Golden Triangle, a visit to an old friend is a must. And Renoma Cafe Gallery is just that old friend. When we were staying at Hotel de la Tremoille, our old friend was just a stones throw away, and it’s rude not to see your friends when you’re so close, right?Located virtually across from the Four Seasons Paris on Avenue George V, there are few spots in the city of light that are more luxurious. 

Cafe Renoma-3

I remember the first time we saw Renoma Cafe Gallery: mum declared it too cool for her and so we walked to the end of that block on Avenue George V, turned the corner and walked slightly back on ourselves… Only to discover what we thought was a different restaurant, which we loved the look of, was actually the other entrance to Renoma!

Cafe Renoma-4

Meals here always start with us (whether it’s mum and I, or Becca and I!) ordering a bottle of Ned wine, a bottle which happens to be one of my favourites and one which I rarely see on restaurant menus… And of course, delicious, warm, French bread which is absolutely essential when you’re in Paris.

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After our slightly later than anticipated lunch at our hotel, and the fact that we had allowed ourselves to eat the delicious bread, we weren’t quite up to having a starter each. Instead, we ordered the tuna tartar, served with soy, corriander and peppers. A lovely dish all in all, but I felt it could have done with a little more of a kick of spice.

Cafe Renoma-6

There’s a reason that Renoma has the word “gallery” in its name; filled to the brim with art that has been inspired by New York street art, this restaurant will make you feel as though you’ve been transported into New York’s fashionable districts.

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Renoma Cafe Gallery prides itself on using the freshest ingredients, cooking in a traditional manner and producing some of the best dishes. That evening mum ordered the grilled shrimps, thai green curry sauce and vegetables, cooked in ginger on a wok.

Cafe Renoma-9

A vibrant dish with generous portions of shrimps, noodles and vegetables and packed with just as much flavour, it was a great dish.

Cafe Renoma-10

Normally (read: every time I’ve been) I order the burger: tender, delicious meat topped with bacon, cheese and the most amazing burger sauce I’ve ever tasted. Oh yeah, it’s quite something. But this time, I made myself choose something slightly different…

Cafe Renoma-11

..and ordered the steak taratar. But what I didn’t realise until it was at the table is that this is steak tartar with a slight difference since it’s served with the corriander, capers and red onion on the side, so that you can build it exactly to your taste.

Cafe Renoma-2

Yeah, it’s that incredible. So, if like me, you’re not a fan of capers, then you simply don’t have to have any! As the concept of the restaurant suggests, it’s high quality, simple food but just done really, really well.

Cafe Renoma-1

And that’s why we go back again, and again and again… And why I’ll be going back next time I’m in Paris!

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45 rue Pierre Charron
75008 Paris

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