Bottomless Delights at Aqua Kyoto’s Brunch

Bottomless brunch is hardly a new tradition in London, but finding a really good one is a little rarer than you might think. But I’ve found a winner… The bottomless Veuve Cliquot brunch at Aqua Kyoto truly is London’s best bottomless brunch. And for less than you might think!

Aqua Kyoto is a restaurant I’ve wanted to try for a long time, but for some reason there’s either been an occasion or a different restaurant, or even a few cancelled bookings – so I’ve never quite made it!

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-1

A bunch of brunching bloggers (try saying that after your Veuve Cliquot!) gathered one Saturday. I was particularly excited to see the very lovely Kiwi Emma, an ever so glam Angie as I hadn’t caught up with either of them in a while, and couldn’t wait to meet Danielle, Geraldine, Adrienne and say hello to May again, too!

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-2

We started our brunch in Aqua Spirit, the bar, with cherry cocktails as Christina told us all about Aqua Kyoto and its sister restaurant, Aqua Nueva (which I’ve had the chance to experience before).

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-3

We sat down at a beautiful table in Aqua Kyoto, beside one of the gorgeous roof terraces – a perfect spot for when it’s sunny and warm in London!

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-4

With views over Liberty of London on one side and Regent Street on the other, you’ll struggle to find a better view in this part of town!

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-5

With cocktails being finished and incredible personalised menus being perused we turned our minds (and more importantly, our stomachs!) to the brunch feast we were about to enjoy!

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-6

As crisp, bubbly glasses of Veuve Cliquot were poured…

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-7

Photographed… Sipped… And enjoyed…

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-9

We were introduced to the head chef, Paul Greening. A Kiwi who has made the long journey over here, Paul has a fascinating story to tell. With a background in biology and science, you might not have expected him to become a career chef. But if you ask me, food has a habit of revealing people’s histories and I loved the scientific background to Paul’s dishes.

Our first course was white miso soup with tofu and wakame; I love salty miso soup and was pleased to see a favourite dish start the brunch.

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-11

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-12

Brunch is priced at £65 per person, which includes bottomless Veuve Cliquot, which if you ask me is an absolutely incredible price. For a seven course menu (all of which is faultless) topped up with a wonderful champagne, you’re going to struggle to find a better value brunch.

Did you even visit a Japanese restaurant if you didn’t have the edamame? Didn’t think so!

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-13

If, like me, you’re a sushi addict, you might think you’ve arrived in heaven when the next platter arrives… Sushi and sashimi galore, with tuna, salmon, yellow fin tuna… And some of the most inventive sushi rolls I’ve ever had. Using his scientific background, Paul has created skin for the rolls out of mango!

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-14

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-15

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-16

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-17

Adorned with edible flowers and served in the most beautiful of dishes (which, like the chopsticks, have been imported from Japan), it’s a feast for the eyes, the stomach and the soul.


Aqua Kyoto Brunch-19

Safe to say not a single slice of sashimi was left by the time we had all indulged ourselves! I’m a huge sashimi fan ans so dug straight into the yellow fin tuna, but also adored the salmon and avocado roll and the special crab roll with the mango paper.

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-22


The freshest sushi and oh, so so much of it!

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-25

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-26

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-27

The next course in this brunch feast is another favourite: tempura. Prawn tempura, for me, is so comforting and it’s a dish I always order at Japanese restaurants. At Aqua Kyoto it’s not at all oily and has a perfect crunch before you get to succulent prawns.

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-31

The next dish is a real brunch special, as it’s not currently on the main menu. What looks like the simplest of soba dishes really is an absolute treat. Served with three types of mushroom, wakame and pickled wild garlic, in a light sauce it was easily one of the best dishes of the day.

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-32

And pretty darn Instagram friendly too…

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-33

Moving through the savoury courses, we next enjoyed yakitori skewers: wagyu beef, chicken as well as spring onion and mushrooms. I loved the sweet flavour and sticky texture of the chicken as well as the perfectly cooked mushrooms the most.

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-35

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-38

Our next dish was off menu, but Paul wanted us to see it and try it. Hint – make sure you order this one! This dessert is called Fuji Apple; a glucose red apple is filled with light, sweet apple mousse and is an absolute treat.

Aqua Kyoto Brunch-40

And it happens to be exceptionally beautiful, too!

It’s a completely faultless brunch, from the food to the service and even to the excellent choice of champagne. Until 28 May book your brunch and bring three friends, and you’ll get your brunch for free when you book through this link!

For a truly exceptional brunch experience, look no further than Regent street and book your brunch at Aqua Kyoto!

Aqua Kyoto
240 Regent Street

We were guests of Aqua Kyoto. 

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  • Best brunch ever!! I’m so glad we could experience it together!!

  • Mārtiņš Viliams

    Question… Those pictures… Is the sushi platter for one person or is that for a group?

    • The sushi platters are served for the table, that said, there’s a lot of sushi per person!

  • This looks so fantastic Lauren! The sushi is beautiful! All of the dishes look stunning. Loved this post 🙂