Beehive Place: A Buzzing Pop Up

I love the idea of pop ups; fresh, British ingredients in an otherwise under-appreciated space so when I was invited to Beehive Place in Brixton last week I was delighted to pop in (sorry – pun not intended!).

The venue is very cool – I loved the grey walls and the exposed beams, and the higgledy piggeldy chairs as I love a venue that is more than a little different. Even in place of flowers on the tables there were tomato plants – it really is a different dinner experience.
Instead of classic tables where you sit with whomever you’ve arrived with, it’s large, shared tables – which I think is a love it or hate it experience.

But, if you really want to it’s easy to sit and just talk to your friends – so don’t panic, it’s not enforced that you speak to everyone who is around you, but it is nice!

We started with a cocktail each, and they were absolutely delicious! I loved the burnt Early Grey sugar on the side of mine – it added such a wonderful dark taste to an otherwise sweet cocktail which is my idea of perfection.

First up as a little amouse bouche were radishes with salt. Oh my goodness, I’m not usually a radish fan but these were incredible. Fresh, earthy and peppery leaves, they were absolutely incredible!

I have to say, I forget exactly what David’s cocktail was but it was equally as great as mine was.

I loved how quirky the table settings were – the little plants were an excellent complement to the decor.

The pop up was jam packed – and rightly so, ’cause we had some excellent food to come!

David and I opted for the wine pairings to go with our dishes which I would highly recommend. Each dish then comes with a small glass of a wine that complements the dish perfectly. The wines were gorgeous, and I loved that each wine was explained to you as it was brought out.

The first course was Brixham wild trout, served with samphire and buttermilk – and it was just as good as it looks! The fish was incredibly fresh, and had a beautiful taste. I loved the buttermilk too, it was so soft and a beautiful sauce to have with the trout.

As we were having fish it had to be a delicious, crisp white wine to match.

Secondly, we had A.E Brown asparagus (the Queen’s asparagus grower!) with a sourdough crisp and legbar mayonnaise. I’m a huge asparagus fan so I was very excited to see this on the menu – and I wasn’t disappointed.

This has to be some of the freshest food I’ve ever had and I adored the crisp texture in contrast with the mayonnaise.

Now, you see a plate of tomatoes as a course and you think, okay, fine – but that’s not a course. Wrong. Oh so wrong. We all had a slightly different arrangement of tomatoes to signify their variety, but all dishes were served with cow’s curd and incredible black garlic.

I’m a big fan of sun blushed tomatoes, as you can probably tell from my tear and share bread recipe, but I’ve never had any as good as those that I was served at Beehive Place – I can’t rave about them enough!

Just goes to show, something doesn’t have to be flashy to be incredible: something that’s simple but done well is even better.

The fourth course was just as beautifully prepared as the last three had been, and was lamb served with broad beans, peas and wild rocket. The lamb was incredibly tender and the accompanying vegetables and salad were just as fresh as I had come to expect from Beehive Place.

I really can’t explain just how incredible the ingredients were!

Since I’ve started blogging I’ve become very snap happy so I wasn’t about to miss a photograph with my best friend, was I?! It’s been so nice to see him so much recently – we’ve been at university for the last four years and apart from the sporadic London visit or Exeter trip we’ve just not been able to see each other as much as we wanted to. But, at last that chapter of our friendship is closed!

Finally, it was dessert time – which you all know for me can be the best, as my sweet tooth often takes over! We were served strawberries with West Country cream, strawberry mint and cobnuts. It was the perfect summer dessert – and perfect timing for Wimbledon!

It might also have been one of the hardest desserts to photograph before diving in!

But, needless to say, even though I did wait, it was nicely polished off – and quickly, too!

Beehive Place is open one Saturday a month from July to November and you can buy your tickets here
We were guests of Beehive Place but all opinions are my own.

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  • Wow! It's one of the those places that's not much to look at but the food is incredible! I went to a place called Picture last year which was similar. You should check it out, it was great value for money too.

    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  • It really is! Oooh thanks for the tip – I'll look it up! xx

  • Mehreen A

    The food looks stunning! Gorgeous post and I love the cocktails 🙂

    Mehreen A |

  • Pun expertly delivered. I love the pics – you're absolutely beaming!

  • Thanks, Emma! Can't beat a good pun sometimes! X

  • The food was amazing! Thanks, Mehreen 🙂 xx

  • The Brixham wild trout looks lovely, did you find that people next to you spoke to you? We recently went to a pop up and once we drew people out a bit they were happy to chat

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  • There was a couple on one side of us who weren't very willing to chat but there were two other couples who were very happy to chat away. I'd love to go to another pop up – such a great experience!

  • This looks amazing!!! The food was totally not what I was expecting to see. For some reason my brain was saying burgers haha. I love how light and fresh everything looks. The tomato salad looks fantastic! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • It was SO good! Burgers on the brain!! Oh yeah, those tomatoes were deeeeelicious! xx

  • This place looks fantastic! I love the look of the food and the rustic interior. I'm a huge fan of the honeycomb details and the name of this place since I absolutely love bees.

    I really enjoy reading your blog, particularly the reviews of places to go London. It's my favourite city and I go there loads since I live so close.

    Take care,

    ♡ Emily from x

  • It really was fantastic! Totally agree – the decor and food were excellent.

    Thank you so much, Emily – that's made my day!

    Lauren xx