8 Reasons to Visit Venice Even Though It’s Expensive


Venice is basically a synonym of expensive which can really be a bit of a turn off when you’re trying to pick somewhere for a weekend break. But honestly, after 4 days in Venice (and a very sore bank balance later), I can honestly say it really is worth it: so here’s why you should visit Venice.

1. Of all the water based cities, this one is totally unique. 

It’s almost as if you’ve been transported back in time, I don’t really know how to explain it. There’s also something entirely magical about watching all the water transport, especially the gondolas, floating along. Can you imagine that that’s how people travel around this city?!


2. The architecture and buildings are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen

I’ve been to some beautiful places such as Amsterdam, Paris, heck even London, but there’s nowhere that’s really taken my breath like Venice.


Just look at it!


3. Because I’ve never seen a sunset quite like this one…

I don’t think there are any words I can use to describe quite how beautiful a moment this was!


4. ‘Cause it’s a fantastic place to just get lost

I’ve mentioned before that when in Venice, you’ve just got to play the tourist, but there’s also a real appeal in just wandering round the streets, getting lost and just exploring this gorgeous city. You’ve got no idea what you might find!



5. ‘Cause it’s a bucket list destination that everyone should see (at least) once

Every once in a while (read: as often as you can) you’ve got to indulge your wanderlust and just go!



6. Gelato.

Another experience that needs no introduction: Italian gelato – it needs to be eaten.



7. ‘Cause these pretty houses need visiting

There’s something really enchanting about the island of Burano, a little island away from mainland Venice. Its colourful houses are really, really beautiful and on a sunny day it’s incredible to see them all brightly lit up.



8. ‘Cause we should really take advantage of what’s on our doorstep!

Okay, so this doesn’t strictly apply only to Venice, but there’s so much of Europe to be explored, what are we waiting for?!



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