Feeling Festive at Fortnum’s Lodge

I’m slightly in denial that Christmas is exactly two weeks away – my Christmas shopping is not going as well as I would like. In the spirit of starting to feel festive, Colleen and I paid a visit to Fortnum’s Lodge at Somerset House and pretended that we were fresh off the slopes!

Last year, Andy and I skated at Somerset House, before enjoying a couple of glasses of champagne to really celebrate Christmas, but this year it was a much more girly affair. We’d both been craving some real comfort food, and so when we were planning our date day, it was all about the fondue. 

I loved the theme of this year’s lodge, with the fire, the garlands on the fireplace and the gorgeous faux fur throws, we really did feel as though we’d come straight off the slopes ready for some apres-ski!

The Lodge is run by Fortnum & Mason, the iconic London store famous for its blue bags, Christmas hampers and all round luxurious feel, so we knew we were in for a really luxurious treat.

When Colleen and I are together it’s a fairly safe bet that there’s going to be wine involved… So we settled down with a bottle of Muscadet and caught up. It was amazing to finally hear about Colleen’s trip to NYC for Thanksgiving and to hear all about her Christmas plans!
As we waited for our fondue, we cracked walnuts and devoured tangerines that are left on each table: a really festive alternative to nuts and olives!
I won’t lie, as much as I adore sushi, delicious French fare and luxurious Chinese food, there’s really nothing better than bread and melted cheese. 
So I couldn’t have been happier to see this beauty when it arrived! Christmas is a time for indulgence, and well, this is pretty damn indulgent. I’m just glad I had the energy for a workout this morning, though!

Served with both baby new potatoes…

And light, crunchy sourdough bread, served in the most gorgeous mini F&M hamper. 
We were pretty much in heaven. Cheesy, oooooooozy heaven!
I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and immediately dived into the oozing deliciousness.
I mean, just look at it!

I wasn’t even remotely sad when I dropped my bread – it just meant I was in for some more cheese!

From a foodie standpoint, the combination of the cheese were perfect; it had a great depth of flavour and the sourdough complimented this perfectly.

We kept dipping, laughing and smiling until all the bread was gone and we were utterly full of cheese1

The staff were amazing; always there when you needed them, but never hurrying you, so we sat and enjoyed the rest of our wine and contemplated if we could eat another thing…. I have to say we couldn’t though I do have my eyes on their mince pies! 

It’s the perfect spot for a bit of luxurious down time post-skate, post shop or even as a stand alone lunch. 

And you’ve got to see that gorgeous tree before Christmas, ’cause it really isn’t a London Christmas without it!

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