The Old Firehouse, Exeter

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There’s a really badly kept secret in Exeter and it’s the best pizza you’ve ever had. And I don’t make that statement lightly, especially since I usually go to the effort of making my own pizza dough.

They’re the best, but they’re also the biggest – we’re talking about 13 inches square here. Pricey? Nope – a pizza is about £10/11, it’s marvelous! 

But back to the beginning… The Old Firehouse is a charming old pub, hidden away on a side street that you otherwise wouldn’t think to go down. It looks small and unimpressive from the outside, but just look at the interior! You know I love a bit of luxury, but sometimes getting back to basics is exactly what you need.

Is this enchanting or what?

Fun fact – it’s thought that Firehouse was J.K. Rowling’s inspiration for The Three Broomsticks in Harry Potter! As she is an Exeter alum, there’s quite a lot of HP trivia floating around.

Now I’ve already given away one of their secrets in the form of their incredible and large pizzas, but here’s another: house wine and jugs of Pimm’s are £6.95. And the wine isn’t half bad! Think of how many happy students have been here.

Now that’s a serious jug of Pimm’s! We were having a girls night in grad week and we knew this was the perfect spot. We sat down and shared some hilarious summer stories (don’t worry ladies, your secrets are safe from the blog!) over a few glasses of vino and waited till the magic hour: 8.15.

Why so magical you ask? Well, Firehouse doesn’t just give away all its pizza love all day long. Oh no, you’ve got to treat this girl right and sit patiently from about 7/7.30pm waiting chatting her up until at 8.15 she starts to serve pizza.

It used to be 9pm. What a tease!

You order at the bar and are given a number and then the waiting begins! Depending on how busy they are you can wait up to an hour for a pizza – but don’t be disheartened, it’s definitely worth it.

The middle floor has a less than attractive view, but hey – you don’t come for the view.

There’s a cute little courtyard outside as well for warm summer nights.

And then all at once it happened – these two beauties arrived. We ordered a ham and pineapple (not even remotely sorry) and a chicken, chorizo and pepperoni.

Just look at them!

Three very happy girls!

We couldn’t wait to get stuck in (hence my photos not being my best) – it’s been over a year since I’ve had one of these and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was!

And the best bit? The pizzas were so big that we were able to have leftovers for lunch! London, please can you recreate this for me?!

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