Blog Hop and The Lifestyle Diaries Plans

It’s so strange – when I started my little space of the internet almost a year ago (wow!) I never thought anyone would read it. It was partly a way to remember my year abroad and partly cause my best friend gave me a kick up the backside and told me that if I missed writing that I should start writing again. So it was all a little haphazard at the start – I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, just used a basic Blogger template (oh so painful) and waffled my way around with not-that-great photos.

And then people started reading it! I’ve met some amazing bloggers along the way and had a serious amount of fun. The events I’ve been to, hotels I’ve stayed at, friends I’ve made have really been incredible (soppy part over) and I’m so grateful that I keep my little piece of the internet – and even more grateful to those of you who actually read this!

1. What am I working on / writing? 

Well, I’m actually working on a new system for my restaurant reviews! More details to come in time, but have you ever found it difficult to compare reviews on a blog? I mean, if the food is good at Quaglino’s is it as good at Hawksmoor? Maybe it’s just me – but I’m very excited about this little side project. 

Writing wise I’ve got lots of restaurant reviews and recipes to come and as I’m off to Croatia tomorrow (eeek!) there’s lots of travel posts to come, too! Though in the mean time expect lots of #holidayspam on my Instagram! And with Marrakesh in a month, there’s lots of travel coming up on TLD. 

Finally, I’ve just been asked to be an ambassador for Showzee, a new social media platform that I’m really excited about – so hold on tight for more on that front soon!

2. How does my work and writing differ from others of its genre?

I like to think I inject some of my personality into my writing that helps me differentiate myself from other lifestyle, food and travel bloggers. Also, as cooking is something that I’m really passionate about I love posting recipes and helping others develop their cooking and baking skills.

Also my new project on my restaurant reviews should certainly help set me apart! When it comes to travel, I’m fortunate enough to be young and able to travel so much and so luxuriously, so that certainly helps make me a little different (I think!)

3. Why do I write what I do? 

I love food, travel and London – and as I’ve said before and I’ll say again – you’ve got to write about what you love! 

4. How does my writing process work?

Well, I’m taking after Angie and getting my spreadsheet on – I do love a bit of organisation! This blog really is, well, my lifestyle diary – so what I’m writing really is what I’ve been up to. Restaurant reviews when I’ve been eating out, travel posts when I’m wanderlusting or have been traveling, and recipe posts when I’m baking. I hope you enjoy following my little diary as much as I enjoy sharing them with you!

SO – now it’s over to

Andrea – Someone I’m really pleased to be able to call a friend. Someone who I’ve got a lot in common with and who I’m sure will have lots more adventures with me! She writes a great restaurant review and her recent posts about Cornwall have given me seriously itchy feet!

Ayla – A lovely blogger who I really do need to meet very soon! I love her London based lifestyle tales – and I’m itching to read her review of Bob Bob Ricard and hear how her anniversary dinner was!

Catherine – Lux by name and lux by nature this lady is off on some very exciting adventures this year that I can’t wait to keep up with! It was great to meet her recently – she’s just as great in person as she is on her blog and I look forward to getting to know her a little more!

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  • Ooh I’m excited to see your new restaurant reviews – sounds awesome! And have a fab time in Croatia. Looking forward to reading all about it when you get back x