My Greatest Adventure: Taking the Leap and Adventuring in Boston

A few years ago I made a rather brave decision and decided to intern in Boston, USA for a month. Although I’m entirely happy traveling on my own and was so excited about the chance to explore somewhere entirely new, there was something a little daunting about getting on a transatlantic flight on my own to work with people I’d only ever e-met. 

But that’s where all great adventures begin isn’t it? Fear.

Fast forward a very pleasant BA flight and I couldn’t have been more excited to land in Boston.

I was there to work as an editorial intern for the month of August – and to explore all the delights that Boston had to offer!

As I was staying in Charlestown, I had the Bunker Hill Monument practically on my doorstep and enjoyed afternoons lying on the grass, soaking up the sun and reading, as well as once making the journey allll the way up those steps for a pretty impressive view of Boston.

It’s a city that’s relatively easy to get around on foot which was great for a lone adventurer like myself! A real must is the Freedom Trail: a walk around Boston taking you through Boston’s fascinating history.

I couldn’t get enough of the hot summer days and seemingly endless things to do. Seriously, if you’re a seafood fan, Boston is one of the most glorious places you’ll ever visit! 

And okay, I won’t even begin to pretend that I wasn’t nervous when I left. I’d never been so far from home on my own and it was my first internship: I was more than a little worried!

Turns out, I was so happy to explore, enjoy a new place and meet so many different people. I loved the different culture, the new restaurants, museums, exhibitions and way of life. Sometimes you’ve just got to take that leap and let yourself try something entirely different.

One of the best and most surprising aspects? Brunch. A serious delight that turned into a life obsession. This little spot served incredible, thick French toast alongside crispy bacon, maple syrup and endless coffee. Oh yeah, and it has a little table in the sun.
I-d-e-a-l weekend spot!

But it’s another reason you’ve got to take the leap, ’cause sometimes the best food comes from somewhere that might otherwise not look so appealing…

Honestly, we went as it had such good reviews and we couldn’t believe it could be that good… It was!

Though I really enjoyed the work (and it’s probably one of the reasons I started my blog) it was having so much time to explore a city and really get to know it that made my time in Boston such a great adventure.
Saturday afternoons at the Museum of Fine Art…
Oh yeah, and a weekend in New York. I mean there’s no way I would ever complain at that! Helloooooo Fifth Avenue!

And finally being able to taste the incredible Magnolia Bakery cupcakes!

So there you have it: it might be scary and it might be a long way from home, but sometimes the best adventures aren’t the easiest to make yourself do.
But for me, this was one adventure that was oh so worth it. In fact, I’d go back to Boston in a heartbeat – and this time explore it not as a student!
Top tip: Pinkberry fro-yo has got to be on your list, it’s actually quite mind-blowing!

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