Childhood Memories with 108 Brasserie’s Dish of the Month

Marylebone is one of my favourite areas of London; you can get lost in the side streets, shop in Selfridges and find some absolute gems of restaurants. 108 Brasserie, part of The Doyle Collection’s The Marylebone, is one such gem – especially this month with their exciting dish of the month.

Having recently enjoyed a delicious meal at The Dalloway Terrace, another Doyle Collection hotel restaurant, I was looking forward to coming back to a chain of restaurants and hotels that I consider a form of home away from home in London. 

The collection’s Irish heritage comes through, not only in their dishes, but particularly in their bread selection: Irish soda, Guinness bread and sourdough. The Guinness Bread recipe is actually still an old family secret that you can’t get your hands on no matter how nicely you ask!

Served with soft slightly salted butter, Steph and I were more than happy to sit for a while and catch up over our champagne as we chose our dishes for the evening. Well, I mean our main courses, as we already had our eyes on the dish of the month for pudding!

Steph ordered the dish of the day: slow cooked lamb with celeriac remoulade and mint and basil pesto. A really beautifully cooked dish of tender, soft meat and a zingy, fresh pesto.

Knowing how great the fish is at Doyle Collection hotels, I couldn’t resist ordering the scallops, which are probably my favourite seafood. Pan fried massive scallops were served in their shells with a delicious lentil puree that complimented the main event so well.

A really generous portion size for me, but if you’re particularly hungry I’d recommend ordering a side dish to go with them.

Scallops can sometimes be a little small, but I was really impressed with just how large and still flavoursome these were!

For dessert we had eyed up the dish of the month: a retake on the British classic, rhubarb and custard. Steph and I both agreed that we love rhubarb anything and that it took us both back to childhood (does anyone else remember the rhubarb and custard sweets?!).

I’ve heard of specials of the day, or even the week, but I hadn’t come across a dish of the month before. I love the concept as it means that busy Londoners have a whole month to try the special dish as against having to ensure that their booking is on one particular night. 
This beauty is served with a rhubarb wafer, pickled rhubarb and rhubarb jelly sandwiching custard.

A really beautiful and original dish created by Executive Chef Russell Ford, who used to work at The Dorchesteer, Le Meridien and The Grove before 108 Brasserie.

If you’re looking for a great brasserie in Marylebone or a flashback to childhood, make sure you get yourself down to 108 Brasserie in April to enjoy the rhubarb and custard! I’ll be keeping my eye on what’s coming up in May..!

Our meal was complimentary. 

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