Leon Le Cochon

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This restaurant is just about as funky as it sounds, and it does involve as much pork as you would expect! It’s my lovely flatmate’s birthday today and her cousin and my mister were out visiting us this weekend so we decided it was time to venture out the flat and try a lovely new restaurant, especially since our kitchen is far too small for four!

 This has to be one of the funniest dinners I’ve ever been at – which explains why it took about four attempts to take one nice photo of me and the mister!

The only down side was that the service was a little slow to start with, but then the food arrived and we shortly forgot about that! I had duck cooked with peaches which was absolutely gorgeous, so tender and tasty (I know, at a pork restaurant). I wish I could eat it again! And those chips really are as good as they look!

The mister had pork ribs, much more in-keeping with the restaurant, which was also divine. I mean I had to have a little taste, otherwise I couldn’t tell all of you about it!

Going out meant I got to take my lovely AVW Bag for an outing! I couldn’t resist a little snap of that lining again!

Leon Le Cochon certainly take their piggy theme all the way – there are pigs literally everywhere. Toy pigs, pig tables… You name it, it’s there! Didn’t think I could get away with sneaking one out the door though…

After a very lovely dinner, it was time to head to our favourite bar for some bubbles to celebrate long into the night!

Which might just explain why we all felt a little…tired…yesterday. Oooops. 

So happy birthday to this gorgeous girl! I look forward to another tasty dinner tonight. Now just the small matter of finding a restaurant open on a Monday…!

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