Student Discount ASOS Splurge

As much as I’m excited about my graduation this summer and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that my degree is finally finished there is one serious downside: my student discount expires in 9 days. It’s tragic. So what’s a girl to do apart from make one last ASOS splurge and celebrate the end of her student days in style? Splurge it is…

Summer Wish List

I love this season’s prints, crochets, cut outs and 70s inspired vibes. So here we go, from top to bottom, left to right.
// Skort Playsuit // Cookie Cross Body Bag // Cami Top with Embroidered Hem // Striped Sun Dress // Leather Bucket Bag //
If I had to pick one item for an occasion it would be the strappy lace dress – I adore it!
…if I was choosing for a holiday it has to be that swimsuit!
And for fun? The woven playsuit!
Oh student discount, how I’m going to miss you…!

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  • Good god, that cut-out blue evening dress has my name all over it. Damn you, Lauren!!!! And I haven't had a student discount since … oh, 2007. #showingmyage

  • It's SO pretty! I've already ordered it and it arrived yesterday, I adore it! hahah age is but a number! xx

  • I saw that blue dress on the Londoner's website and I was umming and ahhhing over it…that length usually looks a bit odd on me!

  • I really love it! It's such a nice fit! x

  • Some gorgeous outfits and excellent honeymoon inspiration here, thanks Lauren! I'm a huge fan of a playsuit and LOVE the cute blue and white one!

    Polly xx

  • Me too…apart from my student card end date rubbed off and I continued to use it until about 2 years ago. I was in complete seminal about my actual age until I lost it!!

    Polly xx

  • It's so cool they do a student discount!

  • Denial ^^^ 😉