Sunday Brunch

There’s nothing quite like Sunday brunch to catch up with a few friends and enjoy some good food. Ever since I’ve been a little girl brunch has involved French toast with bacon and so when I said I would make brunch for my flatmate there was only one recipe that came to mind! But since I’m living the French dream just now I gave this old American classic a bit of a French twist: croissants. My friends and I were feeling a little camera shy on Sunday so I’m afraid that most of these lovely photographs focus on the food and not on us! But I will post my outfit details at the bottom of this post for you.

I started by quickly beating some eggs with a dash of milk and my secret ingredient: cinnamon! I don’t know why this makes it so wonderful, but I’ll never make French toast without it again.

Dunk your croissants into the eggs and make sure that both sides are covered with the egg-y mixture. Don’t leave them in for too long though or they’ll be soggy. Melt a little butter in a frying pan and wait for it to heat up.

Lightly fry the croissants on each side – just enough for the eggs to cook and the croissants to go a gorgeous toasted brown. Put your bacon on to cook, grilled if you’re feeling healthy, or fried if you aren’t!

Serve it up on  a large platter with an even larger pot of coffee and you’ll be good to gossip for hours – we certainly did anyway! 

It really does make an egg-xcellent brunch! In fact, why wait for Sunday? It doesn’t need to be the weekend for you to treat yourself!

And now for my outfit:

A lovely little Topshop number!

And since I didn’t even have to leave the house for brunch, I was still in my slippers! It was a Sunday after all..!

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  • I love that you wear cute dresses with your slippers. I tend to hang around the house in leggings and boys t-shirts (I have an unhealthy obsession with boys clothes). That breakfast looks both delightful and heart attack inducing. I hope you enjoyed 🙂 x

    Alex – Blog

  • I firmly believe in "look good feel better" so I love getting dressed up even when I'm just at home! But then it is home so slippers are a must, haha. So tasty, but you're right so not the kind of breakfast you should have every day! I'm more of a granola and yoghurt kind of girl most mornings! x