The REAL Birthday Celebrations

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So even though we celebrated over the weekend, on Monday it was my flatmate’s actual birthday, and how better to celebrate with cake, cookies, dinner and drinks?! Naturally, I woke her up with a pain au chocolat with candles and let her open her presents, then we faffed around for most of the day (and even made it to some lectures!) and finally we hit the real fun: dinner and drinks!

I promise I’ll tell you about my *minor* cake disaster soon, but it’s safe to say that I had to buy this little creation as my attempts didn’t work out! I mean, you have to have cake on a birthday, it’s not a birthday without cake!

And no matter how old you are, I will always be the friend to remind you of it….Mainly ’cause I’m younger than all my friends, hehe.

So we glammed up, put our best outfits on and headed out to our favourite restaurant, Cafe de la Paix, to find some lovely food.

As we enjoyed our first drinks we were served with these lovely little treats: roasted vegetables with a fish mousse – really delightful! Being the classy, sophisticated lady that I am, I opted for the burger! It really was incredible!

The Mister was feeling a little more classy and ordered duck leg, which as also delicious! Very tender and tasty – I might even need to have this the next time we go.

And the birthday girl treated herself to filet steak and dauphinoise potatoes. YUM. I almost regretted my choice when our plates were served!

After a delicious meal, we tottered round the corner to Hotel Balthazar, our nearest and chicest bar, for the best cocktails I think I’ve ever had! They really did taste like juice – I felt like I was on holiday somewhere sunny despite the fact that it was pouring with rain outiside!

As always, the  Mister made my laugh during this photo, so we had to try again!

//Zara Skirt// Cream Shirt (similar)//Red Heels//
Much better. Looking like the gorgeous ladies that we really are! Seriously, this leather skirt was a find, such a great price and so comfy, a must try if you have a spare £20.

True to form I went for a Sex on the Beach which had some form of yummy watermelon tasting liqueur in it: I’ll never go back. It honestly tasted like summer sunshine!

The birthday girl opted for a Mai Tai: also beautifully delicious, but I have to say I still preferred mine.

And the Mister, being all manly, couldn’t have a cocktail, so opted for a whisky instead. He missed out, I’ll tell you that.

Not only do Balthazar serve the best cocktails, but they also give you little Madeline cakes to nibble on to feed your post dinner munchies. Needless to say, we all thought we were full until these delicious bites turned up! They were soon long gone…. Oooops.

This really is one of my favourite bar’s in Rennes: it’s full of old books and fake candles that look so real I always try to stick my finger in them! So I couldn’t resist leaving without a few snaps of the lovely books. If you’re ever in Rennes I highly recommend that you stay here, or if you can’t, that you at least come for a drink. This hotel is so popular that we even saw the French football team here last week!

All in all a very lovely birthday for my very lovely flatmate!

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