The Story of the Power Cut

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I should have been prepared; I knew it was coming. But when it happened, I was totally stuck about what to do. The heating was off, the internet was gone, not even the lights were on! 
Turns out it was a great time to do a bit of light reading and play with my new toy! Oh, and annoy Mr Sandy. 

It’s my first “proper” camera, and I’m absolutely loving using it. The photos are great quality, so Mr Sandy is greatly appreciative that he looks his best in every snap.

“Did you get my good side, Lauren?”

First things first: the important stuff. I was due a good ol’ catch up with Porter…and Tatler… and Lonely Planet Magazine, so I sat down in my super cosy blanket and made myself comfy. A cup of tea would have been ideal, but… No can do!

Turns out the heating had also gone off… So time to put my fire tending skills to the test!

Just look at this little nugget.

“What are you complaining about, Lauren? I don’t use power at all!”

I’m also very excited as I now have three holidays booked and coming up! I’m off to Venice, Croatia and Marrakesh – fairly ticking some things off my 2015 travel bucket list!

I’m a bit of a Lonely Planet addict when I’m travelling, and I was gifted these amazing books for Christmas. The Best Place to be Today is one of my favourite travel books – although it does inspire quite a lot of wanderlust when you’re flicking through it and see where you should be when in fact you’re studying..! The Best in Travel 2015 is also great if you’re unsure where you want to head this year.

Cheeky little pocket guide for “Venice on a budget” from my latest Lonely Planet Magazine (a new addiction!)

Still no electricity… So it was time to deal with my face!

I’ve just signed up to Birchbox, and I’m already in love with it. I received this Caudalie product in my February box and I love it so much. It’s fab. But first, it was time for my favourite REN 1 minute facial. Usually this is great for when I’ve not got much time (not the case this morning!) but it was right beside me so I went for it anyway.

It’s really great for giving your skin a good old lift and clearing the surface. Just make sure you give your skin lots of moisture after using it.

Mums and I had been to Norwich the day before, and we’d picked up these gorgeous macaroons – my favourites! I had a cheeky little one, ooops. What bikini body?! If you’re ever in Norwich I highly recommend going to Macaroons and More and treating yourself!

I had just enough time to tend to my now roaring fire…

…and give Mr Sandy a quick photoshoot!

“Let me just pose here, Lauren”

“NO, I said my good side”

“Let me just stand here suggestively”

“I’m done now, it’s cold. Let’s go back inside”

“No, but really… Open the door!”

So we trundled back in, whereupon Sandy dragged his bed over to the fire to make sure he made the most of the heat.

Not exactly what I had planned for my morning, but hardly a bad morning at all!

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